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Many RMs in Saskatchewan have already joined myRM.ca to give their local community an online home for:

  • Local weather conditions and forecasts
  • Community News and Events
  • Road Closures/Emergency Notices/Repair Schedules
  • Current and proposed bylaws
  • Anything else you can think of!

Check the menus above, and if your RM is listed, you can go straight to your community portal. (Don’t forget to bookmark it so that you can get back there quickly and easily!)

If your RM has not joined yet, contact your local RM office and tell them that you’d like to see your community get its own online home at myRM.ca!

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Participating RMs

  • MyRM is pleased to announce the launch of the myRM app!

    myRM Smartphone App

    The myRM app provides rural residents across Saskatchewan with instant contact to their municipal government office , local weather , highway conditions, emergency information, local maps, regional news and more!

    Please click on the image above to learn more.

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